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Dianna is a recovering addict who has turned around her life and now gives back by volunteering with Getting Clean CIC.

Clean date:  November 2021

First entered recovery: May 2020

Favourite Getting Clean Soap: Lavender 


Dianna’s recovery journey began after being involved in a car accident.  Although a passenger in the vehicle, had she not been in active addiction, she wouldn’t have put her life in danger.  It was the wake-up call she needed to take those first steps toward a better life.


With limited success,  Dianna had tried to stop using substances in the past.  She was always driven back to using by feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, which made her pick up and continue the cycle of addiction.  This self-sabotage is a common path taken by many addicts. 


Whilst still in addiction, Dianna did a skydive for charity and raised over £400.  “I have always put time into helping others, even in my darkest hours.  I  feel at my best when I can help, so when opportunities to volunteer arise; I grasp them!  I really enjoy working with Getting Clean CIC - we recently spent a weekend making a wildflower meadow and that will be of benefit for years to come so there’s great satisfaction in that kind of work”.


A day care programme provided guidance and support to Dianna and now she is planning a holiday abroad with her Children.  One of the most rewarding things about Dianna’s new life is the renewed bond with her family.


Having worked in recruitment and customer service throughout much of her addiction, Dianna has recently decided on a change in career and has completed an Adult Health & Social Care qualification, which will allow her to support other addicts in their recovery.  She has also just got her provisional license and is looking forward to passing her driving test. 


The advice she would give to her 13 year-old self?  “I’d say; learn forgiveness.  To forgive others, of course, but forgive yourself - don’t be too hard on yourself.  You are a good and deserving person.”


Dianna volunteers with many Getting Clean community projects and is part of the soap manufacturing team.  Buying a bar of soap helps Dianna and other addicts in recovery today, and those who may find recovery in the future. 

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