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The History and Secrets of Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird Online: How to Play the Viral Game That Everyone Loves to Hate

Flappy Bird Online is a web-based version of the infamous mobile game that took the world by storm in 2014. The game is simple but addictive: you have to guide a flapping bird through a series of pipes without crashing. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. Flappy Bird Online is one of the most frustrating and challenging games ever made, and it will test your patience and reflexes like no other. But don't worry, we are here to help you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Flappy Bird Online, including its history, gameplay, popularity, controversy, tips, tricks, and alternatives. Let's get started!

What is Flappy Bird Online?

Flappy Bird Online is a side-scrolling arcade game that features 2D retro-style graphics and simple controls. The game is inspired by the classic Super Mario games, especially the green pipes that the bird has to avoid. The game was originally created by a Vietnamese developer named Dong Nguyen, who released it as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices in 2013. However, due to various reasons, Nguyen decided to remove the game from the app stores in 2014, making it unavailable for download. This sparked a huge demand for the game among fans and collectors, who started selling their phones with the game installed for high prices online. Fortunately, some web developers managed to create online versions of the game that anyone can play on their browsers for free. Flappy Bird Online is one of these versions, and it is faithful to the original game in terms of graphics, sound, and difficulty.

flappy bird online

The history of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was created and developed by Nguyen in two to three days. The bird character, Faby, was originally designed in 2012 for a cancelled platform game. The gameplay was inspired by the act of bouncing a ping pong ball against a paddle for as long as possible.

Flappy Bird was released as a mobile app for iOS devices in May 2013, and for Android devices in January 2014. The game received little attention at first, but it gradually gained popularity through word-of-mouth and social media. By the end of January 2014, it was the most downloaded free game on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

The game also generated a lot of revenue from in-app advertisements. According to Nguyen, he was earning $50,000 a day from the ads at the peak of the game's popularity.

The gameplay of Flappy Bird

The gameplay of Flappy Bird is very simple: you have to tap the screen (or use your spacebar if you are playing on a computer) to make the bird flap its wings and fly up. You have to avoid hitting any of the green pipes that appear on your way. If you touch a pipe or the ground, the game is over and you have to start again from the beginning.

Each time you pass through a pair of pipes without crashing, you earn one point. The game keeps track of your highest score and displays it on the screen. There is no end to the game; you can keep playing as long as you can survive.

The game is very hard because the bird moves fast and falls quickly when you stop tapping. The pipes also have different heights and gaps, making it hard to predict the best timing and angle to fly through them. The game requires a lot of concentration, coordination, and patience to master.

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The popularity and controversy of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird became a viral sensation in early 2014, reaching millions of downloads and players worldwide. The game was praised for its simplicity, addictiveness, and retro style. It also spawned many memes, parodies, fan art, and merchandise.

However, Flappy Bird also faced a lot of criticism and controversy. Some people accused the game of being too similar to other games, such as Piou Piou vs Cactus and Helicopter Game. Some also claimed that the game used stolen artwork from Super Mario Bros.

Nguyen received a lot of negative feedback and harassment from angry players and critics, who blamed him for creating such a frustrating and addictive game. He also felt guilty for wasting people's time and affecting their lives negatively.

On February 8, 2014, Nguyen announced on Twitter that he would remove Flappy Bird from the app stores in 22 hours. He said that he could not take it anymore and that he wanted to have some peace. He also clarified that it was not a legal issue and that he still made games.

The next day, Flappy Bird was gone from the app stores, leaving many fans disappointed and shocked. Some people tried to sell their phones with the game installed for thousands of dollars on eBay. Others tried to find ways to download the game illegally or play it online.

How to play Flappy Bird Online?

If you missed the chance to play Flappy Bird on your mobile device, or if you want to relive the experience on a bigger screen, you can still play Flappy Bird Online on your web browser. Here is how:

Where to find Flappy Bird Online?

There are many websites that offer Flappy Bird Online for free. You can search for them on Google or Bing, or use one of these links:

  • : This is one of the most popular and reliable websites for playing Flappy Bird Online. It has the same graphics, sound, and difficulty as the original game. You can also choose from different skins for your bird, such as a fish, a bat, or a unicorn.

  • : This is a multiplayer version of Flappy Bird Online, where you can see and compete with other players from around the world. You can chat with them, join rooms, and customize your bird's color and name.

  • : This is another website that offers Flappy Bird Online for free. It has a slightly different design and layout than the original game, but it still has the same gameplay and difficulty.

How to control Flappy Bird?

To control Flappy Bird on your web browser, you have two options: you can either use your mouse or your keyboard.

  • If you use your mouse, you have to click on the screen (or hold down the left button) to make the bird flap its wings and fly up.

  • If you use your keyboard, you have to press the spacebar (or any other key) to make the bird flap its wings and fly up.

You can choose whichever option you prefer or find more comfortable. The important thing is to be consistent and precise with your taps or clicks.

How to score points and avoid pipes?

To score points in Flappy Bird Online, you have to pass through as many pairs of pipes as possible without crashing into them or the ground. Each pair of pipes counts as one point.

To avoid pipes in Flappy Bird Online, you have to find the right balance between flapping and falling. You have to flap enough to keep the bird in the air, but not too much to make it fly too high. You also have to adjust your flaps according to the height and gap of each pair of pipes.

The best way to avoid pipes is to practice and learn from your mistakes. You will eventually develop a sense of timing and rhythm that will help you fly through the pipes more easily.

Tips and tricks to improve your Flappy Bird skills

Flappy Bird Online is a very hard game that requires a lot of skill and patience. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your Flappy Bird skills and achieve higher scores. Here are some of them:

Use a big screen

One of the advantages of playing Flappy Bird Online is that you can use a bigger screen than your mobile device. This can help you see the pipes and the bird more clearly and avoid any distractions or errors. You can also adjust the zoom level of your browser to make the game fit your screen better.

Find a spot for your finger

Another advantage of playing Flappy Bird Online is that you can use your mouse or your keyboard to control the bird. However, you still have to find a comfortable and convenient spot for your finger on the screen or th


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