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CARL is a recovering addict who has turned around his life and now gives back by volunteering with Getting Clean CIC.

Clean date:  September 2022

First entered recovery: April 2022

Favourite Getting Clean Soap: Tea Tree 


After injecting for many years, Carl nearly lost a leg.  He knew he was heading towards further significant health problems that could eventually cause the loss of his life.  It was during a hospital stay that he realised he had to find and commit to recovery.


Carl was accepted into a daycare program and replaced street drugs with prescribed medication, eventually tapering-off until he was no longer physically addicted.  


“It wasn’t that hard coming off the script.  Staying clean was difficult, though. I needed to find purpose in my life and I have achieved that, in part,  through volunteering.  I spend two days a week working with a charity and I also volunteer my time with Getting Clean CIC.  When I was using, I spent years feeling alone. By volunteering with Getting Clean I have found friends and companionship - I feel part of something!”


Since committing to recovery, Carl has raised money for charity by completing Total Warrior and Three Peaks challenges.  He has also rebuilt relationships with family and friends, and developed new friendships. He is looking forward to moving into his own property soon and taking a full time job, for the first time since he was a teenager.  Working on Getting Clean’s projects help Carl prepare for working life and he aspires to work on home improvement and civil engineering projects. 


The advice he would give to his 13 year-old self? “You don’t have to make bad choices.  There are people out there you can reach out to for support and guidance.  Learn to talk to people about what’s going on - you are not alone.”


Carl volunteers with many Getting Clean community projects and is part of the soap manufacturing team.  Buying a bar of soap helps Carl and other addicts in recovery today, and those who may find recovery in the future. 

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