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Chris B

Chris B


CHRIS is a recovering addict who has turned around his life and now gives back by volunteering with Getting Clean CIC.

Clean date:  April 2022

First entered recovery: September 2019

Favourite Getting Clean Soap: Lemongrass


Chris was led to recovery after taking stock of his life and acknowledging that he was on a downward spiral that had accelerated quickly throughout the last couple of years of his using.  He had been a ‘functioning addict’ for nearly three decades. 


Chris worked throughout most of his addiction but eventually found drugs had taken over all aspects of his life, he became unemployed, his friendships and family ties were fractured and he was physically addicted.  It was at this point he decided things had to change. 


He had to remove all his connections to his life as an addict and enter recovery.  “I was suddenly very alone. It was challenging to meet new people and forge friendships with people that were not using drugs.  A key part to getting and staying clean is a connection to other recovering addicts so it’s been invaluable to be able to volunteer my time and skills to Getting Clean CIC.  I feel part of something special and I enjoy the environmental work we do within communities”.


Chris returned to his career and now works as a media specialist for a charity and on freelance projects.  He hopes to use his experience to help addicts in recovery to gain skills in media and in sales     


The advice he would give to his 13 year-old self?  “Be confident in your abilities and take heed of your instincts.  If it seems like a bad idea, it usually is!  If it seems like a good idea, give it everything”. 


Chris volunteers with many Getting Clean community projects and is part of the soap manufacturing team.  Buying a bar of soap helps Chris and other addicts in recovery today, and those who may find recovery in the future.

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