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John is a recovering addict who has turned around his life and now gives back by volunteering with Getting Clean CIC.

Clean date:  July 2021

First entered recovery: March 2018

Favourite Getting Clean Soap: Lavender


John’s main reason for engaging in recovery was the desire to rebuild and maintain a relationship with his Son. Addiction was leading John to some incredibly dark places and he knew he had to put in action to turn his life around. 


An infatuation with hypodermic needles was a key barrier to him stopping taking his drugs of choice. This way of using also caused health complications, which have been challenging to overcome. 


John completed a drug daycare programme and probation order, ensuring that he had a solid foundation to continue his recovery journey.  With no threat of a return to prison and his recovery underway, John was able to begin and plan for a bright future.


“I now volunteer in several areas, for a national charity and for Getting Clean CIC.  I have friends and family back in my life. I am being a Dad and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with my Son.  Volunteering has helped me learn life-skills, to understand social situations better and to feel valued in society.  I really enjoy coming together with the team at Getting Clean CIC and feel like we can make a real difference in many different areas - being able to give back is important to my continued progress”. 


John, who had many periods of street homelessness, has just decorated and furnished a new home.  Upcoming plans for John include accepting an invite to travel in Europe and share his experience with other recovering addicts.  


The advice he would give to his 13 year-old self?  “Think for yourself and put more thought into the future.  Don’t be peer pressured.  Stay true to your own way and don’t follow the wrong crowd. Be the best version of you that you can”.

John volunteers with many Getting Clean community projects and is part of the soap manufacturing team.  Buying a bar of soap helps John and other addicts in recovery today, and those who may find recovery in the future.

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