Meet Our New Production Lead: Emma Louise Taylor

We’re thrilled to share that Emma Louise Taylor, one of our committed volunteers, has stepped into the role of Production Lead at Getting Clean CIC.

Emma has been volunteering with us from the very beginning and has consistently demonstrated her dedication and capability to take on this new role. Her journey from volunteer to Production Lead is a significant milestone and we are thrilled to offer her employment.

 Emma credits her time with Getting Clean for helping her build confidence, self-worth and develop personal and professional goals, which have been instrumental in her recovery.

Congratulations, Emma!


Image 1. Emma is instructing a group of LS14 Trust staff during a Soap with Hope workshop. There are spoons and other tools on the table and two people use whisks to stir the content of large bowls.

Image 2. Emma stands close to the camera and smiling. She is wearing a Getting Clean branded black t-shirt, and she has sunglasses sitting on the top of her head.

Image 3. Emma is instructing another table of people during the LS14 Trust soap making workshop. The table is set up in the same way as image one. Emma is facing away from the camera.

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