Soap making workshop with LS14 Trust

Last month we hosted an amazing soap making workshop with the LS14 Trust. What a privilege it was to get to facilitate a session for all members of our community.

It was an absolute pleasure to get to work with a diverse variety of people from different cultures and religions, backgrounds and life experience. We worked together to create gorgeous Soap with Hope and we got to learn from one another.

Soap with Hope workshops are not only a fantastic opportunity to do something a little different, and learn a new skill, but it also gives us the opportunity to donate all the soap created to local food banks to help fight hygiene poverty. It also makes Soap with Hope workshops perfect for team building events for companies’ wanting to invest in corporate social responsibility.

If you’re interested in more information about booking a team building workshop, drop us an email at





Image description:

Images show LS14 Trust staff working in small groups to create Soap with Hope. Chris and Emma lead the workshop and instruct each group. Images show everyone being involved and taking part in soap making, and some images have close up shots of the ingredients in large bowls.



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