Our new office!

We now have a dedicated Getting Clean workspace! 

We’ve been busy making the space our own and getting to work producing and packaging beautiful Soap with Hope!

We’re very happy to be using one of Slung Low’s community spaces, in the heart of Leeds. We’ve also made sure the process has been planet friendly by using paint rescued from landfill by local organisation Seagulls and wood from Leeds Wood Recycling , another local company that aims to make positive impacts, environmentally and in the community.

We’d also like to say a massive well done and thank you to our loyal volunteer Aidan who did a fantastic job decorating.



 Image description: 

Image 1. Chris and Leeds Wood Recycling Manager Charlie stand outside Leeds Wood Recycling. They are dressed in woolly hats and warm clothing; they have their thumbs up and they’re smiling. There is a large Leeds Wood Recycling sign behind them on a brick wall.

Image 2. Chris and the co-founder of Seagulls Paint, Cat Hyde stand outside Seagulls paint store. Cat is wearing clothes covered in paint, and Chris is wearing warm clothes and a woolly hat. The shop front is painted in bright pink/purple and navy blue. Chris and Cat are standing in front of a wall covered in colourful graffiti depicting a seagull with a sailors' hat, amongst abstract images of waves.

Image 3. Chris and the Slung Low Head of Venues, Matt Angove are standing in front of the Slung Low offices. They are shaking hands, they have their thumbs up and are smiling.

Image 4. Aidan is facing the camera holding a Soap with Hope bar, showing the embossed “Hope” writing down one side. He is wearing a Getting Clean hoody, and smiling at the camera.

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