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Being able to find value in all the negative experiences of my past and help others overcome addiction is my greatest accomplishment.

 As a 12-year-old child I became addicted to Heroin, and the following 26 years of active addiction consumed and controlled my life. My experience of being homeless and the prison system turned my life into merely an existence. In my late 30s I found recovery, and I have now achieved 6.5 years of abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances.

 Using lived experiences in our work as a LERO allows those struggling to overcome addiction see that recovery and happiness is possible.

 When like-minded individuals come together to tackle environmental issues, find purpose and passion for their lives, and through purposeful activity in the community, strong support networks and abstinence can be found and achieved. Getting Clean is changing the perception of addiction and creating safer, happier, and cleaner communities.

With this monthly newsletter, we want to share the impact your support is making to individuals and our community. Just by reading and subscribing to our newsletter you are helping us achieve our mission and we are truly grateful for your support.


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